Chapter 2 - IDE Space - unable to run the quiz

The IDE space is not accepting any entries other than ‘help’. I have no problem connecting using mongosh or Compass and can run the quiz questions, but using the inbuilt IDE - nothing works.

There is also a secondary problem that the “run” button is not rendered properly (in other words it is off the bottom of the screen) if the webpage is full screen.

I enter
mongodb+srv:// (or database or admin) and the result is:

bash: mongodb+srv:// No such file or directory

If I type the command – use sample_training I get No such file or directory.

As I wrote above, I can access and run the quiz questions via Compass and mongosh just not on the lesson webpage.

Very frustrating for a beginner.

Before anyone points out, I have entered the password after the user name, I didn’t realise that less than and greater than signs are treated as HTML, so of course the words - ‘my password’ were removed after I pressed enter.

Hi @CD_Barnard,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community forums :sparkles:

We apologize for your bad user experience. We here at MongoDB always thrive to give a great user experience to our users and learners and we keep improving as per our user’s feedback.

As per your shared command, it doesn’t seem to be in the correct format for the shell/terminal/IDE interface. Yes, it will work on the compass because it’s a GUI interface and on mongosh but on shell/terminal/IDE you need to specify which command you are trying to interact with within your installed system softwares.

The correct command format will be as shown below:

mongosh mongodb+srv://

Could you please zoom out your web browser using CTRL/CMD - to make it visible and accessible on your screen?

I hope it helps! In case you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Kushagra Kesav

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Thank you for the reply. Adding mongosh to the command worked.