Chapter 2 IDE Space M001: MongoDB Basics

Hi Everyone, I 'm Aditya , I started doing M001: MongoDB Basics and I’m unable to connect in shell , I used the below connection string and also password as: m001-mongodb-basics
mongo “mongodb+srv://” --username m001-student

I’m getting error as this

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WARNING: shell and server versions do not match

This warning can be ignored but if you want to get rid of it, uninstall your local MongoDB and install the latest version.

Refer to the docs:


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While I agree that this is good advice, since their getting the warning from the course IDE it’s not a location that they should be allowed to update versions of the shell / MongoDB tools.

True, I’m getting warning from the course, It’s not local MongoDB

It’s IDE from course where I’m supposed to do it to complete it.

You can ignore that warning and you are successfully connected to your cluster
Kushagra_Kesav had mentioned it can be stopped by installing latest version on local pc
Since you are using IDE you can ignore it

OK thank you, i Don’t know how i’m supposed to complete that task, do i need to complete the exercise by using find() in atlas or in shell, if it’s in shell where am i supposed to write the output .

While you are connected to your cluster just hit run test button
If you cannot see it try to zoom your IDE with F11.It will be on right side.Also use scroll button and drag it to bottom

Thank you, that was not my question though.

Which exercise are you referring to?
Yes you run your query in the terminal area of your IDE at mongo prompt
Paste the output in the box provided for your lab/quiz as per instructions

chapter 2, yea i did that

Unless the course has changed over the past few months since I last went through it, in Chapter 2 of the M001 course, there is only one quiz in which you need to run a query and type the answer in. That is Quiz: Data Explorer. For that one, run your query in the IDE, then go back to the quiz and type your answer in the box titled Enter answer here:. Make sure you follow the instructions to get credit:

Copy and paste your answer from the Atlas UI to the response text box. The station name should be in a single set double quotes, exactly as it is in the Data Explorer.

Anything else you run in the IDE is just for practice and there is nothing you need to do outside of running the query and trying to understand the results.

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credit? I was running all the exercise questions in IDE

What exercises are you talking about? For Chapter 2 there are only six graded assignments, and only one of those need to have a query ran for it (Quiz: Data Explorer).

In the IDE, there is a tab with some example queries (chapter2_exa…) to try to create, but again these are only for helping you learn. They are not graded and you don’t need to show your answer or query anywhere for these. I have been focusing on Chapter 2 because that’s what is mentioned in the title of this post. If you’re working in a different chapter let us know which one, and again let us know the actual lab/quiz you’re having problems with. These are the only things that you would get credit for.

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Hello! Select the first shell version (mongosh) and delete the “–apiVersion 1” part. It should look like this:

mongosh "mongodb+srv://" --username m001-student

and it shoul works…
(i’m sorry for my english, its too basic)

Thank you, i dont know that all other chapters are not graded, I’m running every chapter IDE exercise and when i Run it it says passed

Thank you, I appreciate for your response , It worked for me later even i chose 4.4 , they were warnings which i got earlier.

Do we get course completion certificate at the end of course? Is it gonna be helpful in any way other than gaining knowledge?

As per the M001: MongoDB Basics course page:

What do I receive for taking this course?

You will receive a final grade but the grade won’t be on your proof of completion. To receive a proof of completion, you will need to achieve 65% on graded material. There are three different types of assessments within the course: quizzes, labs, and a final exam. Quizzes don’t count toward your grade but will help you check your understanding. The labs will comprise one half of your grade and the final exam/project one half of your grade. Unfortunately, due to a large number of students and in the interest of fairness, late assignments cannot be accepted.

Whether this is helpful to you in any way depends on how your current, or a prospective, company views things. The company I work for recommends new employees take these courses, just so the employee has some knowledge around MongoDB, but they are not required.

Companies might look at someone who is MongoDB certified as a better candidate than someone who is not, but again that just depends on the company.

Practical hands on knowledge will help you the most. The courses help you get that knowledge.