Chapter 2 - Data Explorer Quiz: Couldn't understand what to type in the response textbox


I thought the answer that is to be written in the response textbox is the query used to find the end station name. I have successfully retrieved just the end station name from the sample_training.trips, and I have attached a screenshot of the query and answer as proof. May I get a redo for the Chapter 2 : Data Explorer Quiz, as I have exhausted all my attempts?

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You cannot redo the quiz.

However it might a simple misinterpretation of the lab instruction where you simply forgot the quotes.

The station name should be in a single set double quotes, exactly as it is in the Data Explorer.

If it is the only error you have I would not worry too much since you will have the passing grade and still get your certificate of completion. The exact grade is not important.

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Their instructions are unclear, imo. They say “Copy and paste your answer from the Atlas UI to the response text box. The station name should be in a single set double quotes, exactly as it is in the Data Explorer.”

When you copy paste the answer, this comes out:

end station name


"South End Ave & Liberty St"

It’s confusing because you do not actually copy paste the answer + make sure the station name is in double quotes. The phrase “exactly like it is in the Data Explorer” furthermore gives the impression that your answer should look exactly like it does in the Data Explorer, which is:

end station name: "South End Ave & Liberty St"

But you have to give the answer in the correct JSON format altogether. If they add “make sure your answer is in the correct JSON format”, it would be clearer.

Hey @Cucumber,

Kindly paste the value of the field in the double quotes, not the field name.

I hope it helps!


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I agree that the instructions are unclear on this one. I made the correct query, and found the correct answer. I added it exactly as it was in the Data Explorer and it said I was incorrect. I believe that I should be issued credit for this. Is that possible?

Why not simply say leave your answer/value in double quotes as it is?

the language here is still wrong!