Chapter 2: basic writes quiz


I’m looking at the quiz for basic writes in chapter 2… I just keep looking at it and it just looks odd…

What is true about the result object of an insert_one (InsertOneResult)

To me that reads like we’re taking the result of one insert_one() and inserting it again by passing it to another insert_one() as the argument. Thus: insert_one(InsertOneResult).

Is it just me and am I simply inexperienced? Or does this look odd to someone else? :smiley:

Hi @Tess_Sluijter,

I see what you mean. We’ll change this to make it more clear that you are not expected to actually provide to the insert_one method an object of class InsertOneResult.

What we are quizzing on is which of the following statements are true regarding the insert_one method result object InsertOneResult.

Is that a bit clearer ?

We’ll rephrase this question.


100% clear :slight_smile: I already understood what you guys meant, but wanted to point out the wording :slight_smile: Thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration.