Chapter 2 | atlas cluster

I am working on chapter 2. When I try to connect to Atlas Cluster using this copy: mongo “mongodb+srv://” --username m001-student and this password: m001-mongodb-basics it gives an error.
Please help!

Please show the screenshot of exact error you are getting


I really need your help because I never can connect to my Cluster while I copy and paste all commands

Have you whitelisted your IP or allow access from anywhere?
What is the status of your cluster in Atlas.Any errors.Can you see your DB/collections
Could be temporary network issue

I remember I gave my public address. Do you think is the problem?

Yes. Through DB/collections everything’s doing good. But when I try to connect in the Cluster, there’s error.
It’s not a network issue

Give full access from anywhere ( and see

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Super! You’re good coach. Everything’s perfect now. (I edited the IP Address: I gave full access from anywhere). THANK YOU!


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