Chapter 1. Ticket: Text and Subfield Search

Hi there!
All tests passed but when I go to http://localhost:5000/status/ I have the following error:
Text and Subfield Search: Did not receive the proper response when searching by genre

Could you help, please

Thank you in advance

I need help here, please. Can’t continue because it affects no the next lab

Check this link.It may help

Previous test status on http://localhost:5000/status/

Also search other threads

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Thank you my friend for helping me. I read but it did not help me

Is there any error or warning in the terminal where you ran npm start?

Hi steevej! I tried your solution but I still have error on 5000/status even I passed all test cases for that ticket

There is only warning
(node:10256) DeprecationWarning: current Server Discovery and Monitoring engine is deprecated, and will be removed in a future version. To use the new Server Discover and Monitoring engine, pass option { useUnifiedTopology: tru
e } to MongoClient.connect

I rewrote the code but the same problem. 15 days left to finish this and propagation course. if anyone had similar problem could you help me here, please?

I think you could share the code but make sure you Hide Details or Blur Spoiler using the cog icon.

I guess the probltm is in the Test itself because to reproduce the code of searchCast isn’t hard task. Hmmm…