CHAPTER 1, Ticket: Database Connection. Do not understand the result

Hello everyone,
I just tried to resolve the Database Connection Ticket but I missed all three attempts.
On the first attempt I responded by adding only the property “spring.mongodb.uri” value.
On the second attempt, I added the entire contents of the application properties file.
And in the last attempt I added all the content.

The result was Incorrect! for all attempts. I have read the detailed information but I do not understand the result. Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

Hi @JCarlosMartin,

You needed to enter the validation code from STATUS page on http://localhost:5000.


Ahhh, in http://localhost:5000/status page.
Thanks Kanika, and sorry for the question.
For all tickets do I have to go to that page and do “Click to begin validation” and copy the result?

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Yes! :slight_smile: