Chapter 1: The Mongod Lab - Configuration File

Hi guys,

I noticed a problem with the validate_lab_configuration_file, there is another thread like this but was closed.

The problem is probably because there is a “regex” validation in the configuration file and it can’t accept a space between the two addresses.

My configuration file looks like these:

  bindIp: localhost,
  port: 27000
    enabled: false
  dbPath: /data/db
  authorization: enabled

And the error:

You need to bind the IP address to `

With ss -nltp or netstat -nltp is possible to see the two binded addresses.

I just removed the space between localhost and and works fine. Where I can send this little “bug”?

Ps: This is a very nice learning system! The videos is very clear and short, congratulations.

Good catch @Hector_68534. It’s definitely a pattern matching problem in the validation script and it has been mentioned in multiple threads.

There’s a new version of the course coming out soon and I’m sure that this issue has already been captured. Mr S (@Shubham_Ranjan the Curriculum Support Engineer for this course) will confirm.

Welcome to the discussion board by the way! :beer:


Hi @007_jb!

Thank you for the feedback.

This is by far the best online course that I ever made :smiley:

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I’m sure that the guys and gals @ MongoDB will be elated to hear! :grin:

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Hi @Hector_68534,

I’m glad you found the course helpful :slight_smile: .

Thanks for reporting this issue. In the updated version of this course, we will fix the issue. Please let me know if you have any other query/concern.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

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