Chapter 1: The Mongod Lab - Configuration File

Hi Team,

For Lab - Configuration file when i’m creating user for admin database getting below error.

and also when i’m adding configuration file it is showing below errorconfiguration error

please help me.

You can only create this user once. You’ve most likely run this code before so I suggest that you try and login with that user to test it out. And remember to authenticate against the admin db.

It’s just an informational message telling you that the log file has been rotated. In order to suppress the message and keep using the same log file, add this line to your config file:


when i added logAppend: true in config file. it is showing below error

Aborted (core dumped)

Hi @Naga_Venu_Babu_54836,

You are getting this error because you have already created your first user in the previous lab.

I would like to see the content of your configuration file. I have sent you a personal message. Please respond there.

In addition to that you can also refer this post where a user was getting the same error.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer