Chapter 1: Mongod Options - Incorrect description of bind

When a server binds to an ip address, it is the ip address that it listens on. It is correctly described in the documentation but incorrectly described in the lesson as it being the address that clients can connect from.
The report an issue is not accepting submissions on that page.

Hi @Robert_Martin,

Can you exactly pinpoint the timestamp in the lecture at which you find the above stated issue.!!
And, our team is working to fix the Report an issue button. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


Hi Kushagra,
It’s the section titled “bind_ip”.
There is also a discrepancy in the “Lab: Configuration File”. The answer wanted is authorization and not the requested authentication.
Please find attached a couple of screen grabs.

Second screen shot

HI @Robert_Martin,

Thanks for surfacing it.
We will surely take a look and do the needful action.