Chapter 1: Mongod config file ... ummm

I was just about to complain bitterly about this lab, until I realized:

YOU MUST USE QUOTES around the keys and the values if they are strings …
For example:

“dbPath”: “/data/db”

HOPE that helps someone save a day’s worth of troubleshooting.

Now it works without the use of qoutes. I don’t know … what gives? Bad day? Cache issue? Anyway glad it works … I knew it was easy, but was getting annoyed at how long it was taking.

Hi @Peter_Suchsland,

We are glad that you were able to resolve your issue. :sparkles:
Here, we use YAML for the configuration file setup, so there is no need to use double quotes " " as you suggested. It is already in the correct format.!

Attaching following article for more information:

Hope it helps!!

In case of any further queries, feel free to reach to us.

Thank you,

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