Chapter 1 - Learning Activity: Restarting MongoDB with the New Configuration

In the learning activity mentioned in the title, it’s written:

You can verify that this was successful by running the command pgrep mongod to search for all running processes with the word “mongod” in their name. There should not be any matching process IDs, with the exception of pgrep mongod, which is the process for the search command you just ran that contains the name “mongod”.

However, pgrep mongod shows only the process number.
I suggest to change it to pgrep -l mongod or even to pgrep -a mongod.

By the way, I tried on few machines and pgrep didn’t show the pgrep command so I’m not even sure if it’s correct that pgrep might show the pgrep process in it’s output list.

It’s not like ps -ef | grep mongod that shows grep --color=auto mongod when you run it.


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Hello @Rafael_Green

I came across the same point. pgrep mongod only shows the ID, pgrep -l mongod will add the process name. However the second part of the text sounds as if ps -ef | grep mongod was meant.

Guess the text can be simplified :wink:

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@Michael @Rafael_Green thanks for reporting this issue – I will change the command to pgrep -l mongod and then update the problem text accordingly.

I’ll post here again when the changes have been published.