Chapter 1 lab optional critique on my solution requested

The answer I get from Chapter 1’s optional lab is below any of the answers provided. I did look at the solution and that also makes sense to me. I realize we have been asked not to discuss potential solutions. Would someone like to look at my solution and tell me why its broke. ? How would I convey that ? I need to make sense of my error. ( It only involves 2 aggregations so it should be simpler to say why its invalid ). I did inspect my output and it made sense.
Thanks A-

check the previous lecture notes. you will see a map operation is needed as writers have their roles appended in parenthesis.

if you use the names without this truncation, they will not match the names in the cast and director fields thus resulting in much fewer intersections.

so you will need at least 3 stages: map, intersect, and count. (already hinted in lecture notes and quiz notes)


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