Chapter 1 - Lab - $match (Homework)

I’m trying to do the Chapter 1 Homework: Lab - $match.

It says I have to find 23 documents.
I the first basic $match criteria, it show only 20 documents.

I just want to know if the 23 documents its really correct (maybe data changed) or I can continue to find my mistake.


I just found the Lab answer but not the answer problem.
I was trying to connect using the compass. Maybe a connection mirror connection problem.

If someone could explain better. :smiley:


Yes, 23 documents is correct. However, I don’t understand your second post (…found the Lab answer by not the answer problem…)?? And I wouldn’t recommend using Compass here FWIW as I am by no means sure the the validation script would run correctly, If you’ve solved the problem, I’d just move on. :wink:

I think you understood. LOL
Just that in Compass, the same solution just does not returned the expected value.
When I tried in shell, it worked well.

Anyway thanks, for the attention.