Chapter 1: Lab: Create and Deploy an Atlas Cluster - OUTDATED GUIDE

The last part of the guide is outdated. UI is changed. It’s kinda hard to follow.
In step 10,

There is no option like the guide suggested “Select Connect from the cluster view”

There is no option to “Allow Access from Anywhere” on the site right now.

Lastly there is no graph labeled “Logical Size” on the right side. The graph on the site is named “Data Size”.

And, do I have to click on the “Connect” button on the Database Deployments page after the sample dataset is loaded, as I didn’t click on the button before like the guide?
I’m really confused at this point.

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It is possible the guide instructions are not matching with latest Atlas interface

Yes use connect from database deployment page
It will give you options to connect with shell,vcscode,Compass etc
Choose shell and it will give your connect string
For whitelisting IP choose network access from security tab and add for allow access anywhere

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Don’t know why they are not updating the screenshots. It’s an easy fix and it would help the newcomers a lot.

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you are here to learn a database technology. that means you are not a novice in the computer area. use your wits to find the matching links in the page.

the decoration might have changed but all you declared as “not there” are still there All you need is to calm down, take a few breath, and check what you see on the page.

“Connect” is there when your cluster starts

“allow anywhere” is there in network access, as well as the first time you create the cluster

click on the cluster name and “logical size” is there

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Thank you for your very kind reply.
But, I will still use the same words, “not there”.

This thread is about “Lab: Create and Deploy an Atlas Cluster - MongoDB University”. Which is the first time the tutorial shows how to create and deploy the first cluster.
(Cloud: MongoDB Cloud)

  1. There was no UI similar to this step-by-step guide on the actual site when I was following the guide. You are showing me a screenshot that a user can see after creating the cluster, not WHILE creating it ACCORDING TO THE GUIDE.

  2. There was also no option to “ALLOW ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE” similar to the guide while creating the cluster for the first time. But the next lecture tells to add which will work as allow access from anywhere. I fixed it from the network access after creating the cluster. But there was no option while following the guide.

  3. There is no graph named “logical size” on the main cluster view. There is one named “Data size”. I didn’t know I have to go to the overview page to check the logical size. All I was doing was FOLLOWING THE GUIDE.

    ^ guide

^ site UI

I suggest you go to that guide and create a new cluster according to the guide to verify if those are “not there” or “still there”.

After taking a few breaths, I kind of understood how to work on the cluster. But it was very confusing for me while I was following that guide as I had never worked with any database before. I found other posts related to that outdated guide. As I said simply replacing the screenshots with the new UI will make this easy for the new learners.

Thank you again for your time.


Hi @motasimfuad,

Thank you for providing your feedback and highlighting the outdated part of the lab!

I will forward this to the concerned team and we will try our best to provide guidance on Creating and Deploying an Atlas Cluster.
If you have any specific questions about this lab or if you are blocked, we would be happy to help you get through it.

Kind Regards,


Hi @Sonali_Mamgain ,

I have checked the creation of a new cluster. To speed up the progress here are the 2 main deviations from the old guide:

  • upon creating the cluster, instead of the “Deployment->Database” page, now “Security->Quick Start” comes up, and in it “Add entries to your IP Access List” section does not have the option “ALLOW ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE”
  • “Deployment->Database” does not now show the logical size, but instead one has to click on the cluster name and go to “Overview” tab to see it.

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