Chapter 1 - Lab: Connect to your Atlas Cluster

Hello team ,

 I am in course M001 in chapter 1 , I am trying to connect to cluster created throung in-browser IDE I see the steps to copy the link and rename databse , but when I put this in browser and click enter it open a google search as it is not a correct link .

How to connect to my cluster and is there anything need to be installed on my windows 10 labtop to able to connect to cluster on atlas.

You don’t have to install anything if you are using IDE
Please show the screenshot
Did you paste the connect string in the correct area of IDE?

Actually this is my issue. I take copy from the link to open database , I put this link in Web broswer “Firefox” and it failed . It give me goolge search . I know IDE for programming lang. but I do not the meaning of IDE here

Please check this link

How to open in browser ide?

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Thanks issue solved sucessfully