Chapter 1 - Lab Computing fields just give me "..." and doesn't even get logged in the console commands

Every time I enter the command it just gives me “…”, if I press enter, I get “…” again, and then once more, then returns to normal mongo shell, without giving me any answer to the query…

The … is the secondary prompt. It means that the command your enter is not terminated and that the interpreter is waiting for you to complete the command.

Thanks @steevej-1495, It was missing a } in the query, but it didn’t give me an error.
By the way, I managed to answer it, thanks for the help!

It won’t give you an error as it terminate the query after providing you 3 attempts to complete it.


As @steevej-1495 points out, that indicates that you haven’t (from the parser’s viewpoint) entered a complete statement. When I see that in my work, I usually simply start adding a couple of ‘)’ until it comes back. Then you’ll see where it thinks the error is.

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