Chapter 1: Lab 1.7: Scavenger Hunt, Part 3

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How to find the answer to Lab 1.7: Scavenger Hunt, Part 3

Based on our shipwrecks dataset, how many shipwrecks lay off the coast of Cancun, Mexico? Choose the answer that best describes the number of shipwrecks you are able to find using Compass.

what is the bets way to find the answer to the above query ?

Got the Answer myself, Please ignore the query…

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hi can you help me out with this one as i am not able to describe the no of shipwrecks as i can’t find these names of coast of Cancun , Mexico . Please help me out .

Hi Bipul_40276,

Please use the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico ? For some reason, Cancun is not visible in the updated mapbox plugin.

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Hi kanikasingla,

Thanks for helping out. I tried as mentioned by you, but still of no use as my map is not getting updated properly. Okay do i need to search near Gulf of Mexico region or simply Mexico ?

Hi Bipul,

Please look at the screenshot below. [Pardon my marking skills!]

Thanks, Kanika

Thanks a lot kanikasingla for helping out. I have been able to crack it now.

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  1. I don’t see the blue point on my card.
  2. I can’t make the selection (“draw” the circle selection) with the mouse as we see on the video. How do you process?
    Florence (I’m French and I speak English badly. Excuse me !)


est-ce que tu peux attacher la carte que tu voies?


Here is the picture without blue point.carte.PNG
I have understand that I have to press the “shift key”. My english is so bas that I have not heard this word.
it would be convenient to have the written transcription of the video for the courses. I thing it’s more convenient and faster to read than hear.
Thank you for your help

Hi Florence_35552,

Thanks for the feedback! But for the meantime, you can switch on the Subtitles. Look at the screenshot below.

Just click on cc in the bottom side of the video section.


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Thank you very much. I haven’t see this ! helpfull !

use google maps and you will find it,-86.766738,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8f4c255cc7546269:0x31c329d38783bdbf!8m2!3d21.2321799!4d-86.7340934