Chapter 1 ended

i just take a look in my gmai account and i found mongoDB university email, the email says that chapter 1 ended…is there any problem about that !! thank you in advance :wink:

The deadline for completing the assignments for Chapter 1 has ended. But still you can access the course videos.

Let me know if I can help.


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Kanika, could you help me with lab - Change the Default DB Path, please

I changed the path, but when running mongod -f “config.file” i get the error : Illegal Operation: Attempted to create a lock file on a read-only directory: /var/mongodb/db, terminating

the directory is:
drwxrwxr-x 3 vagrant vagrant

How can I get to run mongod -f “config.file” to run without errors ?

As I wrote in another thread sudo chmod +w /var/mongodb/db/.

thank you for your reply sir.
I managed to get the mongo -f command to work, i had to put “var/mongodb/db” on dbPath, however, when validating the lab, gives me an error:
You need to specify the dbPath as /var/mongodb/db

If I put “/var/mongodb/db/” as dbPath, I can’t run properly the mongod -f command

Did you run sudo chmod +w /var/mongodb/db/?

Please send the output of:

ls -al /var/mongodb/

okey thank you very much bro :blush: