Chapter 1: Driver Setup Ticket: Projection unable to get the validation code despite unit test cases are successful

When I run JUnit Test cases using following command, both the test cases ran successfully.
mvn test -Dtest=ProjectionTest

But when I restarted my application and went to status page, I can’t see the validation code. Also, getting lot of exceptions in console.

Please help me on how to get the validation code for this Ticket.

Finally, I found the issue …
in the MovieDao.getMoviesByCountry() method I am converting array into List and I was importing incorrect Arrays class and hence got the errors.

The issue is resolved now once I imported the correct Arrays class and able to get the validation code.

Thanks …

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Please, what does validation code means? It is at the Shell or browser?

It is the answer to the lab.

Yes, its the answer to lab. I have found the root cause and the issue is resolved now.
Thanks …