Chapter 1: Driver Setup Compass Basics - Wrong answer for the quiz

I used the load sample database to upload the mflix database and it loaded around 23.5K documents for the movies collection. When I tried the aggregations pipeline in compass for the quiz, I got the answer as “Cape Fear”, which is not part of the options. I tried loading the database again to a new cluster again and I got the Same results. When I guessed the quiz answer and saw the detailed answer, it was the same method that I used. What do I do about this?

i had using “Load sample database” and i have a same results , but need to know if I wrong, but with implementation is similar as present on the response, i had add $limit at 31 to control my query

Please someone can help us, because now I’m using mflix db but the result is same always

Hi @yaksincero,

I am checking . :slight_smile:
Edit: We are updating the quiz, please skip the quiz for now.


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I have different answer compare to the right one.
I was trying to achieve this result with mongoshell:

var pipeline = [
    { $match: { "year": 1991 } },
    { $project: { title: 1 } },
    { $sort: { title: 1 } },
    { $skip: 30 },
    { $limit: 1 }

and with compass itself.
My result is Backdraft . What do I do wrong?

Asking the same question in 2 threads is the best way to get no answer.

It is hard to say what you did wrong without knowing what are the requirements.

Requirements are the same as topic starter asks: Chapter 1: Driver Setup
Quiz Compass Basics

Use Compass to find which film title in the **movies** collection is  *31st*  result document of all films that came out in  **1991** , when  *sorted*  by  **title**  in order  **1**   *(ascending)* .

To complete this task check out the [$skip]( option for your pipeline.

I’m really curious how did you get here if you don’t know the problem :slight_smile:

I took the course more than 6 months ago.

‘Backdraft’ was the correct answer in March 2019. They may have change the movies collection since then. Your pipeline looks good.


Extra points for projecting only the title. This would have make a covered query if there was an index on the title. It would also definitively reduce the memory usage of the pipeline.

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Thank you for your help. I appreciate you told me it was the correct answer. Dunno what might have been changed and why it is not working anymore.

Maybe @kanikasingla could help me to figure it out

Hi @todor.ilya,

The pipeline looks good. I am unsure what the question is here.
The quiz was most likely updated since then :slight_smile: