Chapter 1, Connection Status

After passing the relevant tests, what is the validation code for Connection ? What I get is:
‘Connection: The return from the api was incorrect’. I followed the instructions but get the above statement.

Hi @An_19003,

Can you share your .ini file contents?
Make sure that both the TEST and PROD configuration values for are the same for the MongoDB URI


Never mind. I plan on quitting the course for lack of proper instructions, before I start hating MongoDB Atlas, which I find is good. I will learn from some third party tutorials.


I agree the Q is a little confusing. For other users:

npm start

Go to the status page


And Click to begin validation related to Connection (Unit test: npm test -t db-connection ).

After you click on the relevant test copy-paste the validation code and submit the answer.

The idea of this Q is to check if you setup your app correctly (Run npm install + rename .env file + change MFLIX_DB_URI to your connection string.


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