Chapter 1--cant run

Good morning,
I am having problems since days ago and I need help. I can’t continue .
I dont know what im doing wrong but it is not working.!

Where it is written <your-atlas-cluster-address>, you really have to enter your atlas cluster address. Make sure you do not leave the < and > in there as these are there to indicate that <your-atlas-cluster-address> is a place holder for your atlas cluster address

My atlas cluster is the one that appears in the mongo shell conection?
thank you!

That address must be in your .ini file.

Where would I find the “atlas cluster address?”
Thank you!

Hi @Athena_Su

The Atlas Cluster Address is the URI for your MongoDB Atlas Deployment or the identifier that your computer can use to locate the database you setup in MongoDB Atlas.

If you follow the steps in the Atlas documentation for the connection string with your cluster in Atlas, you will be able to find the necessary address which you will then need to add to your .ini file to associate the remote database with the python ( application you will run on your local machine.

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