Chapter 1: Basic Aggregation - $match and $project Lab - $match

Yeah I know what you mean. Interesting coincidence that it worked too! :beers: :slightly_smiling_face:

case closed, thanks for assistance :D.

The think is that it can be used for Lab - Changing Document Shape with $project same with $lt, hmm.

given it relies on first lab then no wonder itโ€™s the same :slight_smile:

Another reason to have some more beers :smile::beers::beers:

Cheers :beers: whether you are, i am now banging my head against Optional Lab - Expressions with $project then i will call it a day for today and then last chapter tomorrow as deadline is in 2 days.

Good luck!

Any questions, let us know.

yes in regards to Optional Lab - Expressions with $project should i open a new thread and post my code and someone to explain why it provides another number?

Yeah but I wouldnโ€™t suggest posting the full code because that could be the answer.

After some searching found my answer in Chapter 1 : Optional Lab - Expressions with $project

I had stumbled across same dilema where i was getting wrong result and the reason why was the fact that i was putting labor_of_love computation in the same $project stage thus not all information form $writers was processed.

Thanks anyway, have a nice day and thank you for your patience.

Good man! :slightly_smiling_face::+1: