Chapter 0: Introduction and Setup. The instructions seem to be partly incorrect

The section ’ Project Structure’ features the following instruction:
“By default the application will run on port 5000, but if you need it to run on a port other than 5000, you can edit the index.html file in the build directory to modify the value of . You can find index.html in the src/main/resources/build directory. We’re using Spring Boot for the API.”
The project is indeed Spring Boot-based and for that reason all the configuration is done via file where there is a server.port directive.
Editing the index.html file especially in the build directory seems to be a joke

Hi @Andrey_Stepanov,

Thanks for surfacing this. We appreciate your efforts!

We also recommend using the file instead of index.html when we want to change the default port. Because it is an easy and faster way to overwrite default values.

However, Our Curriculum engineers are working on revamping the driver course. And here, I will ensure each and every feedback of our learners is considered while developing the course content.

In case you have any doubts/feedback, please feel free to reach out to us.

Kushagra Kesav,
Curriculum Services Engineer

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