Chapter 0. Connect to Atlas from mflix doesn't work

Hello everybory, someone can tell me, why I can’t connect from mflix application to my Atlas space. I already setup muy Public IP in my Atlas account, and configure the property [spring.mongodb.uri] in the file [].

The applications mflix work well, if I access to http://localhots:5000,

but the test cases doesn’t work

and the connection from Mongo Compass work ok

Post a screenshot while running the connection unit test.

Hello Steeve, here are the screenshots while running the connection unit test

Thank you for your time

I think, I have a mistake in my project or in my Atlas configuration that avoid the connection from mflix project.
Because this error when spring boot is initializing:

[] org.mongodb.driver.cluster : Exception in monitor thread while connecting to server

But I don’t know what is it. these are screenshots of my Atlas configuration

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It might be your JDK that is too old. Looks like it fails on old SSL certificats. Try to upgrade.

I am facing the same issue. Can you please tell me which JDK will work fine?

I had jdk 1.8_11, but I already upgrade to jdk 11.0.10, but the problem still

Captura de Pantalla 2021-01-19 a la(s) 10.48.59 a. m.

Could you tell me a place where I can find instructions to upgrade my SSL Certificates

Hello, after I upgrade to jdk 11.0.10 I execute the application mflix with command:

mvn spring-boot:run

and then from in a browser, I put to this URL


here, I clicked over [Click to begin validation]

and then I got a code to answer que question

After passing the relevant tests, what is the validation code for Connection ?

I hope this information help you

I’m having the same problem (SSL certificate) since yesterday (the previous days everything worked) with JDK 1.8, try reading this: