Changing the Geospacial Map. Is it possible?

Hi All,

The Geospacial Map component lacks a lot of detail of the real world. When using something like google maps or open street maps, buildings can be seen, vital to the project I am currently working on.

Is it possible to change the map background of Geospacial charts? Or perhaps project the data onto another?


Hi @Matt_B1 -

The map tiles we use are from HERE and they do include buildings for many parts of the world, but presumably you are working in an area where they have insufficient coverage. You might want to consider providing feedback directly to HERE using their tool at

We don’t offer a way of using your own map tiles with our charts. If you are using embedding, one option you could consider is to use the getData() method to load the raw data for a chart, which you can then render using your choice of tool such as Google Maps.


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