Changing a property in Compass results in a deleted event


I’m encountering some odd behaviour with Realm Sync.

The scenario:

I have set up sync between MongoDB and Realm.

I connect my client with the Node SDK and set up the following listeners:

var orders = realm.objects('Order');
console.log('Realm has ' + orders.length + ' orders');
orders.addListener((collection, changes) => {
  console.log('Change event on orders collection');

var order = orders.find(o => o.order === '20000266');
order.addListener((o, changes) => {
  console.log('Order has been changed');

One listener on the list of orders and one listener on a specific order.

When I try and change a property on the order ‘20000266’ I get the following output:

Change event on orders collection
{ deletions: [],
  insertions: [],
  newModifications: [ 0 ],
  modifications: [ 0 ],
  oldModifications: [ 0 ] }
Order has been changed
{ deleted: true, changedProperties: [] }

I’m a bit confused as to why I’m receiving a ‘deleted’ event on the object, and not a list containing the property I’ve changed. Is this working as intended?

I’ve tried the same thing using the Swift SDK with the same result, so the problem seems to be in the sync.