ChangeStrem closing with MongoAtlas rebalance

Hi Dears,

I am a NODEJS developer and having a problem with the new native mongodb driver. My company is migrate mongodb servers to version 5.0 and we need make a upgrade in all applications to driver version 4.0 or more for guarantee compatibility. In this upgrade we saw a new behavior with new driver related with ChangeStream, when the Mongo Atlas make a rebalance of the replicaSet nodes, the application receive a close signal and we need restart the application for changeStream back. This behavior don’t used to happen in previous versions(<=4.0).

Somebody have this same problem?


in previous versions(<4.0).

Hi @Davidson_Morais it sounds like you have encountered a bug, can you file a JIRA ticket with the details here: and we’ll take a look and see what we can do to help!


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