Changes in the Atlas Database doesn't reflect in the App

Hello guys,
I’m changing a field value in the Atlas Database on any public collection and it not reflect in the Application.
E.g. I’ve a list of Skills in the database and make the changes in fields, then I create the Synced Realm in the App and retreived the list. Still getting an old values.

var config = new SyncConfiguration(_publicPartitionValue, Authorisation.Instance.RealmUser);
_syncedRealm_publicAccess = await Realm.GetInstanceAsync(config);
IQueryable<Skill> skills = _syncedRealm_publicAccess.All<Skill>();

Do you have any errors in the server logs? It’s possible that the changes you made via Atlas violated the schema, so the document didn’t get synchronized.

I don’t have any errors in the Realm Logs. Only sessions/connections starts/ends

Okay, so to confirm:

  1. You’re making a change to a document whose partition value field is set to the same value as _publicPartitionValue.
  2. You then run your app, open a Realm instance and see the old data for the same document.
  3. Does this happen even if you wait a little?

Exactly, everything you’ve mentioned above is correct. In addition I’ve wait even a day after changes.

Okay, this looks suspicious - can you open a support ticket about it as the team will need to look into the state of your application and try to determine what’s going on.

Could you provide a link to the tickets center?
Thanks in advance

Sure, it’s here: MongoDB Support


Did you find any solutions about this ?
I have exactly the same problem, no matter the change i made in Atlas, Realm keep the old values

Hi, I’ve just started the ticket on the Support page. I’ll inform you about the progress.

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Hello @Pierre_More

If you are experiencing this same issue, please open a support ticket here, and one of our Realm Technical Service Engineers will be more than happy to assist you.