Change Realm deployment region?

Is there any way to change the deployment region of an existing Realm app?

I have the Atlas cluster in Frankfurt and I’m told it would be better/faster to have the Realm app also in Frankfurt or maybe Ireland. Right know my Realm app is in Virginia.

Would this improve both read and writes or only writes?

Alternatively, if I create a new Realm app, I would need to move the existing users to the new app and I don’t know how to do that.


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Hi Thomas,

At this time it is not possible to change the deployment model after the app has already been created. You would need to create a new app and choose the change in deployment model there.

Sync writes are sensitive to latency between the server and the cluster. If you are using a Global deployment then this will process user traffic in the region closest to the user which could potentially be far from the cluster. Choosing a Local deployment in the same region where your cluster is located would help with performance in this regard.

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to move users from one app to another as per this thread.


Thanks @Mansoor_Omar for the response.

It’s a major concern though. Not being able to backup users or change Realm region. First of all this means I’m stuck in the region (Virginia) I originally chose for my Realm app. And also if anything happens with my Realm app it takes the whole business down. I can just sit back and pray that nothing happens. It’s like having no backup and restore in Atlas - that would also not be an option.

I hope you can raise this internally at MongoDB.