Change name of Realm application

I’m creating a Realm application and as I complete the wizard steps to pick an application type, etc I don’t see a way of specifying the name. And, I can’t find a way to change the name after it’s completed. Currently, it seems to only to default to “application-0-hash”… What am I missing? I really need to change it to make it easier to manage bc I will most likely have several applications in my backend. I’ll be using Realm client from web and desktop as well.


Hi DeepDev,

It should allow you to name the app at the very beginning when trying to create a new app.
The name field will already be populated as “Application-0” which is the default but you can change this as detailed below.

Unfortunately once you create the app you cannot rename it as this needs to stay consistent, you will need to create a new app with a name you want.



Gotcha. I knew I must have missed how to edit the name in the setup dialogs somehow.


Hmm, Ok I just deleted the app I had created and went through to create a new one and I don’t get any opportunity to enter a name for the app. When I click the App Services tab in my Atlas UI, it shows a dialog “Build apps faster with App Services”. I select the Build you Own App template and it just creates the project with the default ‘application-0’ name.

Is this bc I’m on the shared tier doing this Atlas / Realm testing for my app? If I upgrade to a dedicated instance will I get more options? Or, is there something else I’m missing?

Hi DeepDev,

I see that you’re talking about the first app created for a new project.
You’re right, it appears that the first app created is given the name Application-0 which I believe is done because of the implication that the first app you create is going to be for testing/sandpit purposes only to get accustomed to the features.

Please leave the initial app (don’t delete it) and go back to /apps page by clicking the App Services tab to create a new app via the “create a new app” button on the top right of the page rather than the modal screen. It will now allow you to name the app and also give you additional configuration options.