Change default DB Path

When i start this exercise i get the first instruction to create a new folder /var/mongodb/db/ by using mkdir -p /var/mongodb/db
So I start the mongod and run this command and nothing executes. I try to config it first by pointing to the path (which i’ve modified in teh mongod.conf) and nothing. Can you help me where I need to run this mkdir command?

Post a screenshot of the whole IDE so that we see exactly where and how you entered the commands.

here is the command and showing enter it doesn’t do anything or even say failed. I do this prior and/or after mongod or config file is opened. What step am i missing to be able to make the new directory and point to it?

Where do you enter the mongod command? We only see the mkdir.

In terminal 0 i connect to the mongod with “mongod” and then use “mkdir” command as shown above in the same terminal and again, nothing happens, I hit enter and nothing executes and i try to use the ls directory and nothing shows up either as if it would be created in the background.

Post a screenshot of that.

The mkdir command has to be run before starting mongod since mongod uses the directory.

Also post a screenshot of that.