Ch2 and Ch3 labs are the worst

the lectures dont teach jack#$%#. All they do is the basics and then we have to do all the search to pass. Then we dont really get help but instead are told to not post anything that may give the answers, and then they just tell us to look at the document. WELL MAYBE TEACH IT SINCE READING IT, TO SOME IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND. IF YOU ACTUALLY TEACH IT IN THE LECTURES IT WOULD HELP. I AM GIVING UP ON THIS STUPID MONGODB AND NOT WASTE ANY MONEY ON THIS

Hi @paul_rosero,

I know you’re talking to the instructors and not to other simple users, but that frustration is much more common to all of us than you probably think.

I remember you’re learning SASS, and probably front-end dev too. So that’s too much IMHO.

Anyways, If you need help on particulars feel free to ask.

Yes but the instructors get paid to make these tutorials. We don’t get paid to do these tutorials so it should be easier to learn rather hard when you don’t really have anyone to help. If I’m lacking time I can’t get help because I have to wait usually hours before I get any help so I’m stuck doing different things confusing myself instead of asking a questions and being told what to look for or explain what I’m asking for. I feel like I should just quit this because all I get is, look at the documents. Well I did and didn’t get what it was saying so that’s why I’m asking for help, not for you to tell me to go read something I already have and couldn’t comprehend.