Ch1: Driver Setup - Is retryWrites a connect option? (Also, failed tests on mongoclient spec)

According to mongo db node driver API, there’s no option retryWrites. Is this correct?
Source: node.js mongodb driver API 3.1.

Follow-up question: Maybe this is related to the failed tests on mongoclient spec, where the testClient.close() function in the finally blocks for the second and fourth tests return undefined, thus failing the tests?

UPDATE: Looks like it’s related to the connectTimeoutMS option: Is too small for my setup.
After increasing the value to 900 ms, I get no issues, but got a brand new assertion error: the movies document count I get is 45993, yet the assertion expects the movies doc count to be 46014.

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The tests directory has been updated if you download the handout again. You are getting the correct count.

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I’m also confused by retryWrites option

According to it is supported.