Ch 5.4 replica sets w Differing index

am wondering if I can use the Atlas cluster (set up in class 001) for this homework.

it is a very desirable approach as my interest is primarily in Atlas and I would not have to reestablish replica sets each time the PC I use is turned off/on. …

this lecture requires knowing the port of the node - and I am unclear how that is found in my atlas cluster. I do have:
…not sure this helps…

am I entirely off base in this approach?..

No, not on the free tier. Besides that, Atlas is a managed Database-as-a-Service offering and this course doesn’t cover this so you may struggle to follow along the lecture.

If you’re willing to pay, upgrade your Atlas cluster to one of the payable clusters (or create a new payable Cluster) and you’ll be able to include a Read-Only or Analytics node.

Run vagrant suspend and all your replica sets will be up and running next time you login (even after shutting down / login off / restarting your local machine).

You should be able to tell what the port number is from those connection strings. If not, have a look in the connection strings documentation.

thanks much for the guidance - will check out the vagrant suspend approach…