Ch 3 Explain() Mlaunch, Mtools

I don’t see that anyone has asked this before, I have very few python libraries on my machine (primarily Javascript) so, because I like to follow along with the commands, I started to install mtools, which led to me ‘pip install’-ing a few libraries, which led me to pymongo (via ImportError: can’t import… which seem analougous to the module import errors I’m used to in npm or whatever ecosystem )

Right now, I have python 2.7.x installed on my machine and I see a migration guide in the pymongo docs for python 3… As I can’t really recall what I have on my machine that’s dependent on this current version of python and why I have this, etc, etc… I am going to skip the mtools install for now…

If this is going to come up again in this course, could someone let me know so I can take a litle time later this week to properly research my exact needs?

In looking at Mtools, I think I would be interested in looking at it, but I noticed there was nothing earlier in the course for installation, etc so I am going to just move forward under the assumption that this was only for demonstration purposes…


You’re quite right, there’s no installation guide for mtools. This probably because it’s a tool that isn’t supported by MongoDB.

I finished this course last week and can confirm that although it’s not required as part of any of the labs/exams, it’s actually pretty useful for launching/stopping replica sets and debugging.

I already had python 3 installed on my machine but during the mtools installation it failed because it had a dependency on matplotlib which I installed using pip and carried on with the mtools install.

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