Ch 2 single index

I’m using mongo compass. I’m trying to follow the lecture by creating an index
db.people.createIndex({ssn:1}) but I get the error saying I’m over the space quota. 513MB of 512mb

Found a stackoverflow that says I can use db.repairDatabase but I’m not sure if I want to do this. Might just be simpler deleting old sample data. Do you recommend deleting some of the sample data I have from the previous course?

Also when I try to run download the handout ( file) it opens my git bash, runs for a bit then shutdowns with an error that it cannot connect. Using a PC for this

There is a space constraint in Atlas free Tier clusters
Please check this

Over Space Quota while importing restaurants.json

Hi @Ramachandra_37567

Thanks for flagging this as it’s an issue we are aware of but have actually addressed in a slightly different way.

The Atlas Sample Dataset now actually includes the restaurants data (Sample Restaurants Dataset — MongoDB Atlas) so once you import this dataset you will not have a space issue.

In terms of re-using clusters for courses, we recommend that you destroy and create a fresh free tier cluster per course to ensure that the data and indexes are in a known good state before you start a course. This avoids potential confusion and reduces a large number of potential edge case errors.

Kindest regards,