Certification/ssl error(fix)

Hey guys i’ve had this problem for a couple hours ;/
but I’m assuming someone else here had the same problem
Here’s how i fixed it.
within mflux the .ini file
make sure to put in

within your url

do not put in quotes ^

Also this might also help
pip install certifi
or pip3 install certifi
within terminal

i was also running into the issue with using macOSX
Mojave python 2.7
so i followed this guide to get pip3 and python3

i could of used a different computer instead of mac
but like i luv my mac so… i made this post due to the reason that i couldn’t find a solution in the discussion so here it is.


Thank you so much @Bryan_69230 for sharing this information here. I am sure it will help a lot of users.
Good luck :slight_smile: