Certification Results: Jan 2022?

Hello, I took the developer exam on 18 Jan 2022. May I know when the results will be released? Thank you so much in advance.

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Hi @Sundar_P,

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The result for the January session will be out by early next week.



Thanks Kesav, I guess Generally the result will be announced in 3-5 days. May I know, why this time taking too many days.

Any chance we get them today?

Hi @Sundar_P & @Eric_Lam,

The result is expected to be out by EOD today. We are working with our proctoring partner to publish it soon.

We appreciate your patience :sparkles:



@Kushagra_Kesav still I`m not get the result. any other issues with the partner?

@Eric_Lam, did you got the result?

Same, didn’t get the result yet

No. I guess just be patience, as it maybe pending on the partner.

But suggest to certification to improve the turnaround time for releasing result, as I haven’t seen other exams that will take this long to release results. Most of them will let you get the result back immediately after exams, and at most hours.


Hi, I did not get the result yet also

Same here.

I didn’t get the result yet…

Hi every one I got my result and successfully cleared the certification. Pls check yours


Hello Everyone!!

Apologies for the delay in sending out certification exam results for the January 2022 session.

Ideally, the exam results are available within one week after the close of the exam session as we need time to review any questions raised by the proctors and calculate exam results. However, this month the results got delayed due to some technical issue on our end.

We have now released the results and you should be able to check them on the Certification Dashboard in addition to the email from MongoDB Certification.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Good Luck and Happy Learning!!


Thanks Team,

I have cleared the certification. My hearty congrats to everyone who got the certification and all the best for everyone who`s going to take the certification. :+1:

Thanks & Regards,
Sundar P


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