Certification Questions - wbcam and level


  1. Do I need a special webcam/another one to be seen whole or is enough to have just a standard notebook webcam?

  2. What is difficulty level of the questions? I have passed the test here for preparation (but have one, two areas to improve) - is it similar? Because most of questions were quite easy comparing to for example lab questions.

Thank you.

Hey @azor.haf

I just completed my exam on a couple weeks ago and did so with a laptop webcam. You will have to show the entire room you are in thought, by turning the laptop.

  1. The questions are not easy, however they are not in anyway there to trick you. The questions were straight forward but I did have some difficulty with a few of them.

If you mean the Practice exam test, then yes the format is similar. With multiple choice and multi-select questions.

Hi thank you for the reaction.
I was wondering about that difficulty comparing to the practical test here - there no catches and quite easy questions.
Format is fine with me, except that on whole website they have multiple answer option and it turns out that only one is correct …

You may be more than ready than to take the test.

Heh, thx. After that test here conclusion was that I should check shredding more and otherwise I was pretty satisfy. I read the documentation a lot and all the recommended courses.

What I see is little tricky is that it does not seem to be “fully implemented”, I am a PL/SQL Developer and all the exam I took from Oracle has quite easy rule - if do not know. if it is logically possible, it is implemented and work as expected. With MongoDB I see that they are some things that we need to be familiar, that it is not there (likely yet). For example INDEX SKIP SCAN is something that is explicitly written that is not part of MongoDB.

One more question: There was some page / link how to check connection, do you know where is that? Is it possible to do before paying for the exam?

Do you mean the computer readiness check?

I am an Licensed Electrician so I have no clue about SQL DBs or Oracle. So I do not know what you mean by easy rules… or know what INDEX SKIP SCAN refers to. Sorry…


Well, basically when you have an index on (A,B) in other databases you can use filter on B (just B) and still be able to utilize the index (Based on A cardinality) which is not the case in MongoDB. But it was just an example that it is quite tricky sometime for people who comes from other DB, that everything is not working as expected (mean learn from other db).

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thank you for the link. It looks like that I passed. (surprisingly, I have LTE with low upload…)

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