Certification exam prep sub-forum

Hi guys,

I’m probably not the only person here that is pursuing the official MongoDB certificates. While the courses are lovely, nothing beats having the official cert on your resumé. :slight_smile:

May I suggest opening a sub-forum for exam preparation discussions? A place for students to trade book reviews or to help each other along with particularly confusing subjects. Of course reddit.com/r/mongodb and TechExams.net are good discussion forums, but I could also see it adding a bit of value to your local MongoU forums.



It doesn’t seem there’s much interest for it. Oh well.

Best wishes for 2019 everyone :slight_smile:

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We are interested. Few things needs time to pick up :wink:

https://www.techexams.net/ - The link is not reachable.

Yeah, they moved the website after it was bought. It can now be found at:


@Tess_Sluijter Thank you :smile:

Hi @Tess_Sluijter,

That is a wonderful idea!!! :star_struck:

I am sorry for taking such a long time to respond to you. I have forwarded this suggestion and waiting for the approval. :slight_smile:


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No worries Kanika :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to your team’s reply.

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Hi Everyone,

I have created the category in discourse:


The link for this will soon be available on the university. :slight_smile:


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Ha, that’s great Kanika!

I’ve just completed my GIAC GCCC certification and now I’m working on RedHat’s EX407… perhaps after that I can fit in the Mongo DBA cert. :slight_smile:


Let me know if you need anything.