Certification: different standards?


I have completed this course a few days ago, and my exam grade is still at 0% and the usual green checkboxes were replaced by yellowish clock icons. I did not think much of it, since the following release date is displayed on the course overview:
Exam Grade Release Date: Jan 31, 17:00 UTC”

However, a friend of mine (who actually suggested this course to me) completed the course today and he already received his certification and no such “Exam Grade Release Date” was visible on his course overview page at any point.

So, why is this happening? Surely, you do not need to individually grade each exam, so why need 2 days to grade (some of) them? I would understand delaying certifications until everyone has completed the course to ensure right answers are not passed around students, but this is clearly not being done for everyone.

Why are there different standards for assessment and certification delivery? Can I even expect to receive my certification in 2 days or is there another problem with my account?

Thank you for your time.

Sorry for this.

Let me check that for you!

I checked. The grades will be release 31 January 17:00 UTC

Your friend might be registered for January Unlockable offering with beta testing feature which let them access next chapters and grade before the deadline.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you for looking into it.