Certificate of completion verification

I am an instructor on Advanced Database Systems. I have 2 students who have uploaded their certificate of completion; I can verify one of them. See the following:
Val P:
Free MongoDB Official Courses | MongoDB University (not verificable)

Noah Lunsford:
Free MongoDB Official Courses | MongoDB University (verified)

Can you help to verify Val P certificate of completion? This is 10% of their course grade. Thanks!!

Hey @Bee_Yew,

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For your unverified student, since there is a certificate of completion , it means they have passed the course. :dizzy: Otherwise, you can also ask them to share the link from the copy button of the certificate page, the link generated by it is the same as the one given at the end of the certificate and can help you easily verify the completion status.

Please feel free to reach out for anything else as well.



Thank you for pointing out the share link.


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