Can't Start mongod process from vagrantBox until I uninstall local MongoDb-community@4.4

Hi MongoDb community,

I returned back to m103 basic cluster administration to made some revision.
But I couldn’t start mongod process in vagrant box.


When I uninstall my local mongoldb-community@4.4 version which is required by m201 MongoDb performance. Mongod has started correctly in virtualBox.


It seems to be like a crash between local MongoDB and VM MongoDB

Can anyone explain to me what is happened.


Can you help please ?
Thanks !


I don’t think local mongo caused the issue
It was unable to find the config file
Are you able to list the file
ls -lrt /shared/csrs_1.conf

In second run why you included it in quotes?


Thanks for your replay.

I re-install mongodb in local, but there is no issue now, I can launch mongod process in VM
I really don’t know what was happening.

To answer your question,
it works the same with or without quotes, bellow 2 examples :

Thanks again