Can't set deleteRealmIfMigrationNeeded in Realm Java Android

When using the SyncConfiguration, can’t set the deleteRealmIfMigrationNeeded. There is no such method.

When you use a SyncConfiguration, the schema is defined on the server and you local schema has to match that. You can’t just update the SDK schema and hence deleteRealmIfMigrationNeeded does not make sense.

There are various ways to navigate through such scenarios, but it depends a bit on the development stage. You can enable development mode to allow updating the server schema from the clients schema or handle the various destructive server schema changes on the client through client reset handlers.


I’m testing the app and Development mode is enabled.

But I’m getting this error when adding new fields in the schema in the client :->

Migration is required due to the following errors
 - Property 'RealmCustomerModel.time' has been added.
 - Property 'RealmCustomerModel.updated' has been added.

I have also added the new fields on the Atlas Console.

Still getting these errors and unable to initialise Realm.