Can't see some fields in Atlas UI

I just created a new Realm app, added some records, and later added new records with additional fields that weren’t in the original schema. I couldn’t see these fields in MongoDB Atlas when I clicked into collections. I also tried manually updating the schema in the Realm tab to reflect my added field, and deploying that, but I still can’t see the added fields.

I can see them additional fields in my Swift app, when I print out the Realm object.

Any idea on what’s going on here? If it helps, the records are user records that are generated by the emailPasswordAuth functions.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi @Peter_Lu, welcome to the community forum.

What’s in the schema shouldn’t impact which fields you can see through the Atlas UI.

If you’re still having an issue with this, could you please share the code that adds the document, the Realm object definition and the backend Realm schema?