Can't remove Schema's, can't terminate Sync

I’m new to MongoDB and Realm and after being excited and encouraged from completing the tutorial I’m now having several problems.

  1. Created a new database and after deleting the tutorial database I can’t remove the schema’s associated with the deleted database (“tracker”). Clicking on “Remove Configuration” just silently fails and does nothing – no error message or anything. It really should respond with some error info.

  2. Turned dev mode off and tried to update the schema for my new database, and it complains about the schemas for the tutorial that I can’t delete. Very strange as it’s different schemas than the one I’m editing and as mentioned above can’t edit them to correct the errors or delete them.

  3. In the Sync panel I can’t Pause or Terminate it. UI just endlessly displays the 3 dot loader animation and doesn’t update. Can’t pause or terminate. Pretty much out of ideas on how to get this working properly. Have tried everything and now this isn’t giving me much confidence in the product at all.

Does anyone know of ways to correct things, from the CLI or otherwise? I don’t want to start over again etc. Thank you for reading and any tips appreciated!

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I’m facing the exact same issue, used the todo’s boilerplate for swift. Wanted to re-name my atlas (realm) database (by creating a new one, and deleting the todo). Finally I got it erased, with now a broken sync. Can’t terminate the sync, nor restart atlas sync.

I did discover that the sync is attached to the todo, yet I can’t fix it


  1. Could be easier to rename / delete collections and databases.

  2. Notifications within atlas UI could be improved to alert about the stopped sync (you have to dig before you see it, yes you do get emails, but)

  3. Error handling with atlas, giving some sort of notification about the sync relationship when you delete the collection.

  4. Swift Boilerplate uses asyncOpen yet in documentation this is marked as legacy and flexible sync in preview

Hi Jimmi_Andersen – If I remember correctly, as a workaround I think I went to the Deployment section and did a “re-deploy” of a previous deployment. Then I was able to stop Sync and clear the schema configurations etc. I was off and running after that. I don’t know what I did exactly that Realm didn’t like but I was ok after that experience.


Support helped me fix the problem, a bug related to the sync. And deleted all references to old (renamed) collection, from syncs and other cloud realm apps (I had two referencing the todo schema in sync)