Can't input text in the ticket field

I am unable to input text in the clickable text field for connection ticket.

Perhaps we are passed the due date for this ticket.

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Hi @Paul_82595,

If you are talking about Chapter1 labs, then it is due on 24th March, which means you should be able to input text, can you try some other browser?

If still not resolved, it would be great if you can share screenshot showing if it is disabled or there is not submit button showing. :slight_smile:


Hi @kanikasingla, the projection test keeps failing. I’m sure my implementation is correct. I’ve tested on mongo shell and made the necessary adjustment for handling projections on the driver. I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is.

the problem seems to be with babel but I cant pinpoint

fixed it! thanks

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Would you like to share how you fixed the issue?