Can't import data with mongorestore command

I’ve been trying to import the data using the mongorestore command provided when trying to connect to the application but this message keeps popping up no matter how many variations of the connection string I use…

mongorestore --drop --gzip --uri mongodb+srv:// data
2019-05-16T13:59:39.908-0400 Failed: mongorestore target ‘data’ invalid: CreateFile data: The system cannot find the file specified.

Can someone please help me with this. Panicking about not finishing the first chapter before the due date.

Thanks and much appreciated!

File not found means either file is missing or you are in the wrong directory
You have to be in a specific directory for the command to work
Please double check

looks like the shell is unable to find the file, you can either add the directory path where the file data is located to your environment variable or navigate to the path using cd C:/…/mflix/… and run the command.